The Delprado House.

This is my biggest dolls house.
It was a kit from Delprado and came out as a weekly series of
houseparts and furniture kits.
It was my start into the dolls house hobby.
I made my house in late Victorian style.

I made the cradle and other things for the baby as a project that I did with
the other ladies of the dolls house club

The rooms on the attic are not finished yet.
I think I should make some more furniture soon!

The painting on the fireplace is a real one made by Loes Snoodijk!

The parasol and hat are crocheted by my friend Bianca.

I painted the stained glass doors in the cupboard using some real ones we
have as an example.

The Pottery Shop.

The Potteryshop contains my collection of miniature pottery.
Partly collected, partly made by myself.
I also painted some pottery for this shop.

I made most of the furniture myself.

Oh dear!, someone dropped his bananapeel in front of the door.

I'm a collector of scened pottery from Staffordshire.
Working on the Pottery shop, I thought it would be nice
to have some of my favorite pottery in it as well.
Inspired by the lovely scenes on my pottery, I painted some myself on white pottery I bought.

A small milk jug and a egg-cup from the original collection next to the 1:12 scale pottery.
The scenes on the big ones were my inspiration for some of the small ones.

The Old Sailor's Room

The idea for this 1:12 scale roombox came when I found
the furniture on a carbootsale.
The furniture is decorated with old sailing ships.
The room is full of all kinds of sea items.

I made the old sailor and his granddaughter of fimo.
I named them Corneel and Cornelia after an old Dutch sailor's song.

The Time Team Project

The Time Team Project is based on my favorite TV series Time Team.
This is a series about an team of archeologists making their digs all over Britain
in a race against the clock.

Here the project is still under construction.
The trenches are already digged.
But still a lot has to be done as it's still very empty.

Now a lot more is already to be seen on the site.
A skeleton is found by the diggers
and some more artefacts are found.

I made the skeleton from fimo clay
and used some paint to give it a dirty look as
it has been in the ground for centuries.

The parts of walls that are half in the ground
are made of a different kind of clay and painted as well.

The finished version! Now some more artefacts are found.
A 1:12 scale version of the Time Team's
prof. Mick Ashton has arrived on the site as well now.
He also is made from fimo clay.

There still are a lot of artefacts in the ground
of this very small archeological site.
I think I should make some more diggers to it!

The Christmas Cottage

This little Christmas Cottage
is the first 1:12 scale dolls house I made.

Everything in this house is about Christmas,
my favorite time of the year.

I made a lot of the little things myself,
but also a lot are made by other miniaturists as a swap.

The Miniature Garden.

The garden is in 1:12 scale. It's a garden of a animal lover.
In the future there will be added some more little things to it.

In the wooden hutch live some guinea pigs and rabbitts.

The little red/white house is occupied by a green lizzard.

There are 2 fimo goldfish in the tub.